Tarwyn Park sits in a functioning, ecologically, healthy watershed vastly different to the eroded, degrading, incised, salinized-farming system that it was found in 40 years prior. To restore this vastly degraded system it required three key steps that act as the backbone of Natural Sequence Farming and it's ability to restore such a system. 

Rehabilitate- Regenerate- Rehydrate

Rehabilitate the landscape through the restoration of flow paths, increased water intake and promoting the traditional movement of water through the system.

Regenerate the biodiversity and fertility of the system by promoting the growth of repair plants (weeds) and increasing the production of organic matter, resulting in the growth of higher chain plants.

Rehydrate the landscape by slowing the flow of water and promoting the intake of water to increase the water storage capacity of the system. Therefore resulting in a more fertile system with stored water to promote increased productivity.  

Natural Sequence Farming is terraquaculture, natural farming based on water

conventional Agriculture is farming based on soil

Tarwyn Park was rehabilitated due to the fact that it was rehydrated. This means that water was available, the key to a large biodiversity of living systems. Tarwyn Park is unique as it is a farm that does not farm soil but instead water. WHY? because soils do not grow the plants, water does, soils are simply a nutrient-laden conduit for the living water that feeds and sustains the plant communities. Therefore this creates a point of difference with traditional agriculture which farms soil. 

The property operates as a complex open system, which optimises energy from the sun, the fertility of the land and atmosphere and minimises the losses of matter, water and energy due to gravity. 

Tarwyn Park Training aims to begin the rehabilitation, regeneration and rehydration of degrading landscapes ensuring that they begin to aggrade resulting in a more fertile and productive landscape for farming and food production for generations to come.


Slow the flow

A full floodplain acts as a broad-acre hydroponics system, operating with optimum soil fertility, like a grass-covered dam with a high, fresh water table.

Let all plants grow 2.jpg

Let all plants grow

Plants act as solar powered air-conditioners providing the perfect conditions for life. They are soil builders and the filterer of organic compounds within the soil.

carefule where the animals go 2.png

Be careful where the animals go

Hard-hoofed animals need to be kept out of flow lines, they are water drainage experts. They should be run in polycultures and encouraged to camp on the high ground of the system promoting increased fertility and the top of the system.

to filter is a must know 2.png

And remember, to filter is a must know

Promote the low points of the landscape as the position where complex organic matter is filtered, promoting the increased storage of nutrients in the system.