Tarwyn Park Training is a 4-day hands-on workshop based on redesigning your farm through Natural Sequence Farming techniques and principles to maximise productivity, enhance landscape function and minimise farm costs. 

During Tarwyn Park Training you will learn to; 

  • Read the landscape

  • Fully utilise your farm's natural resources

  • Locate, design and build landscape structures

  • Redesign your own property

  • Begin improving landscape function on your own farm

  • Lower your farm costs and boost profits

The course structure and skills development is based around the Tarwyn Park Training slogan of; 

  • Slow the flow

  1. Understanding the original landscape

  2. Reading landscapes and water flow pathways

  • Let all plants grow

  1. Understanding the role of plants

  2. Plants as water engineers

  3. Plants controlling re-charge and discharge

  • Be careful where the animals go

  1. Understanding the ancient land and its terraqueous soils

  2. Hard hoofed stock as water engineers

  3. Managing stock for landscape health and repair

  • And, remember to filter is a must know

  1. Understanding why plants need to filter water trying to leave your system

  2. Grasses (inc. reeds) are the most efficient filterers

  3. Managing stock for landscape health and repair


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