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We want to see you creating productive farms, building your landscapes, restoring your ecology and creating profitable enterprises wherever you are on your regenerative journey.

All by starting to implement Natural Sequence Farming.

A diagram of the five pillars of Natural Sequence Farming as taught by Tarwyn Park Training

01. Slow The Flow

02. Let All Plants Grow

03. Careful Where The Animals Go

04. Filtration Is A Must Know

05. Return To The Top To Recycle The Lot

Tarwyn Park Training is the leading provider of Natural Sequence Farming education, training and advisory services.

We're committed to teaching Natural Sequence Farming in the paddock, the classroom or online.

We strive to empower people to restore landscapes and build them to be resilient, productive and healthy.

Natural Sequence Farming

A nature based solution.

Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) starts with plants and water. The key to Natural Sequence Farming is that plants managed water; that’s what built the landscape.

NSF is about understanding our landscape's natural function and the natural sequences that manage everything. And using that knowledge to better manage your landscape.

Start Building your Landscape

With NSF you can start to

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Restore your landscape’s function

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Increase your farms’ productivity and profitability

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Build your natural capital

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Play your part in managing our climate

And the team at Tarwyn Park Training will be by your side on this journey, assisting you through education, support and positivity as you embark on your regenerative journey.

The Evolution of A Contour

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Create an Everlasting Impact with NSF

By focusing on the simplicity to manage the complexity.

Natural Sequence Farming used throughout our environments can result in the rehydration of landscapes, regeneration of soils and the restoration of our ecosystems.

This will see an increase in productivity and profitability for our farmers — strengthening our communities' economic and social well-being. And a greater resilience to the effects of drought, fire and flood across our landscapes.

An aerial photo of a landscape at Forage Farms with Natural Sequence Farming practices implemented

What our Graduates Say

The biggest paradigm shift in 16 years since meeting Bud Williams

Grahame Rees

What our Graduates Say

We recently hosted a Tarwyn Park Training course at our property. A big thank you to the TPT team and all participants for a fantastic week. This course is a must for any landholder!

Maddy Pursehouse

What our Graduates Say

Simple yet vital knowledge for successfully managing the great Australian problems of drought and salinity. A must for all managers of land whether you are a large scale farmer, Landcare worker or the home gardener. Prepare to be challenged, confronted but ultimately INSPIRED.

David Larratt

What our Graduates Say

The biggest paradigm shift in 16 years since meeting Bud Williams

Grahame Rees

Start Learning with Tarwyn Park Training

With the knowledge of our team, and the impact NSF makes on a landscape, getting started implementing it on your landscape will be a winning move.

A group of course participants learning to use a laser level and build a contour in the paddock