Course Announcement for 2023

An announcement of our course dates for 2023 as well as some exciting new updates to our Learn Natural Sequence Farming course.

Tarwyn Park Training Team

New Courses Announced for 2023

And some exciting updates to our course

We’re excited to finally be able to share with you some of the new dates to attend our Learn Natural Sequence Farming course in 2023.

We have two courses planned for Victoria, three for New South Wales and one for Queensland, with more dates to be released early in the new year, particularly for Queensland as we finalise a few last details.

Check out all the courses here.

Changes to our Learn Natural Sequence Farming course

In 2023 after team discussions and feedback from graduates, we are extending our course from 3.5 days to a full four days.

The main change that will take place is adding a farm planning session on the final day. In this session, participants will be able to sit down and start putting the knowledge they have gathered over the past three days into action on their farm and begin planning what landscape works they can put in place on their return and where.

The biggest hurdle is getting started

This is a critical step in implementing Natural Sequence Farming into our landscapes and an area where many people need help. Often, the where is the biggest hurdle to starting to put Natural Sequence Farming in place on your landscape.

Where do I start? Where do I put the contour? Sitting down and planning the answer to all those questions will make the process more straightforward.

It will also further reinforce the knowledge and skills behind learning to read the landscape, which is the key to beginning to understand Natural Sequence Farming and restoring your landscape.

We look forward to seeing this update and assisting more landholders, organisations and governments with their landscape restoration.

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