Start with Natural Sequence Farming

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An online cohort course that will get you thinking about your landscape completely differently, understanding the ins and outs of Natural Sequence Farming and the basic steps to start implementing it on your own.

But don't worry, you won't be doing this alone - you'll be learning what Natural Sequence Farming is and how you can be playing your part in its adoption with a group of like-minded students who together will form a community focused on better landscape management.

The only place in the world to learn Natural Sequence Farming. And from its originators.

This course will be interactive from the start. You'll learn to understand what Natural Sequence Farming is all about and how you can use it to restore our landscape's natural function. Plus, we'll be diving into some of the easy ways to start using Natural Sequence Farming for yourself.

Learn the basics of Natural Sequence Farming

A whole-of-landscape approach to a resilient future

This course will give you a deep dive into Natural Sequence Farming. Begin to learn the basics from how to read a landscape, how our landscape functions, the five pillars of NSF, and the role of plants. But most all, how you can use this knowledge to make a change and engage the community around you.

This course is an interactive online learning community, fully supported for the best student experience.

Because we want to see on the ground action and change happening as a result of our course... We want to see you leaving our course inspired and ready to succeed.

A slope in the landscape with Natural Sequence Farming contours installed along it

Who’s this course for...

You might be:

  • Someone with a backyard or small acreage and ready to get started. How do I put in place Natural Sequence Farming on a smaller scale? What can I do to repair my small patch of land? What are the steps I can take in setting everything up?
  • A beginner who's keen to learn but isn't sure where to begin, you know that Natural Sequence Farming will play a part in your plan.
  • Someone from the city with a keen interest in learning to repair our landscapes. And may even aspire to have your own piece of land in the future! You want to learn more about what you can do and how you can play a part in the change.
  • Looking to start your regenerative journey? Perfect! Let's get you thinking about the landscape in an entirely new way. We'll show you how to create a thriving ecosystem capable of producing the highest quality food whilst working alongside Nature and stabilising our climate.

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